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The Dads

This is a list of our current studs. We will also share past studs we have used in a brief description. We perform the following tests: Full genetic panels, OFA eyes, elbows, patellas, dentition, and cardiac. Either Pennhip or OFA hips, we will occasionally do both. Temperaments are our number one priority as we focus on placing well rounded dogs into families for life.


Forest is our multigenerational Goldendoodle stud. He is the first stud we have entered into our program.  When I say forest is the whole package, I am not exaggerating! He is SPECIAL. He is sweet, kind, friendly, well mannered, patient with kids, truly a GOOD BOY! He has been genetically cleared(again perfect), OFA hips and elbows  Pennhip .31 & .33(amazing), OFA eyes, cardiac, dentition, and patellas. Forest has a straight coat which is -|-, he's a rich deep red that has darkened with age, he also possesses hidden phantom genes. He is genetically 30% golden retriever and his coat is truly what we are striving to produce. His puppies will be amazing! His Instagram is @followmeforest

Color: Red  Weight: 35-40

Thank you Melissa Farmer for allowing us to add him to our program.

Past Studs

Chaco- Thank You Paige Moore

Finley- Thank You Melissa Farmer

Bo- Thank You Melissa Farmer 

Ryker- Thank You Erin Conger

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