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The Moms

This is a list of our current and upcoming moms. Once each upcoming girl passes health testing they are entered into our program, Sweet Magnolia Doodles. We perform the following tests: Full genetic panels, OFA hips, elbows, eyes, patellas, dentition, cardiac, and Pennhip. Temperaments are our number one priority as we focus on placing well rounded dogs into families for life.


Chavaleh is our AKC Golden Retriever. She is the most delightful golden you would ever meet. She has the softest expressions, always keeps us laughing, and has a soft spot for babies. She is my absolute shadow and her babies have picked up many of her wonderful traits. One could only hope to be blessed with a dog like Chavaleh, she's pure love. Chavaleh has been genetically cleared, OFA good hips, normal elbows, cardiac, eyes, patellas, and dentition.

Color: Gold   Weight: 65 lbs


Abbie is our F1B Goldendoodle mom. She is the happiest, most playful, and sweetest girl around. She has an absolute LOVE for fetch and her tennis balls. You can find her out playing in the yard or happily sleeping on the couch, she loves both! Abbie's favorite thing is a good pet session and some belly rubs. She loves being a mom and her pups. She has OFA good hips, normal elbows, Pennhip .47 & .5, OFA eyes, cardiac, patellas, and dentition. She is also genetically tested and carries one copy of PRA (carriers are only bred to clears which poses no risk).

Color: Cream Coat: Curly Weight: 44 lbs


Ember is our F1B Goldendoodle. She has such a sweet and gentle nature about her. She absolutely loves cuddles and kids. She is pretty laid back and enjoys lounging around with everyone. She is so eager to please and always wanting to sit for some treats. She's overall a very happy, calm girl that loves to relax by your side any chance she gets. Ember has completed her full genetic panel, Pennhip .46 & .49, OFA hips, elbows normal, cardiac, eyes, and dentition.

Color: Red, Solid Coat: Wavy Weight: 52 lbs


Isla is a multigenerational goldendoodle retained from our Abbie and Finely litter. She is absolutely beautiful! Her temperament is amazing as well, super snuggly and loving. She is with the sweetest guardian family with two goldendoodle sisters. Her coat is a very soft, wavy fleece in dark cream with a white abstract pattern. Isla is a medium size. Isla has passed all of her health testing. Clear full genetic panel, Pennhip .29 & .28, OFA good hips, elbows normal, patellas, cardiac, eyes, and dentition.

Color: cream, Ssp Coat: Wavy Weight: 38 lbs


Reese is an F1 Standard Bernedoodle. She is gorgeous! Her temperament is wonderful and she has done very well with training in her guardian home. She lives with children that she absolutely adores. Her coat is a soft fleece in grayish black, with phantom markings.  Reese has passed her health clearances. Carrier of Bernese DM, clear on everything else. Pennhip .45 & .43, OFA good hips, elbows normal, patellas, cardiac, eyes, and dentition.

Color: Black Phantom Coat: Wavy  Weight:58 lbs


Bay is our AKC Golden Retriever. She is Chavaleh's daughter and a hopeful mama in our program. She is loving life with her wonderful guardian family, alongside another Golden and Pom. She has completed puppy classes where she excelled and has also earned her CGC title  (canine good citizen). Bay is sweet, very smart, and affectionate. She is a beautiful light golden color with the softest expressions, just like her mom. 

Color: Golden  Weight: 73 lbs


UPCOMING MOM- Haze is an F1 Standard Goldendoodle. She is stunning! Her temperament is very docile, sweet, and just like her mom. She is a daughter of Chava, our Golden Retriever mom. We hope Haze can be a future mom for our program in 2024, pending her health testing. She is completely clear genetically.

Color: Blue Merle- KbKy, atat, Bb, Ssp Coat: Wavy Weight: TBD


UPCOMING MOM- Juniper is a multigenerational Goldendoodle, a future mini momma. She's cute as a button, sweet as pie, and such a spunky girl. We love that she is also a daughter to our very own stud, Forest. We are so thrilled to keep these lines going. We expect her to mature around 30-35 pounds. We hope to see her as a mom in late 2024 after she passes her health testing. She will be living with a guardian family.

Color: Light Red Coat: Wavy Weight: TBD

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