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Below is a list of my favorite go-to supplies for whelping. Click directly on the link near the item you want to purchase and it's as simple as that!

Whelping Box; I have had great luck with this style. They also carry them at Costco in the spring. They're easy to break apart, store, clean, and hold up well!

I use thick, large disposable pads for labor and delivery. They're easy to toss and relatively

What I lay on the bottom of the whelping box, over the floor. It keeps the floor dry and I use this as my first layer.

This is my favorite product I have found to date! I was on the hunt for a fabric that was affordable, yet provided the traction puppies need for proper development. This has been my number one requested item to share! Puppies need proper non slip footing while the hips develop. Up until this point nothing seemed to work like it should so this has been a game changer! I have even seen a difference in puppies abilities to walk sooner and nurse more effectively.  


Whelping Supplies

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