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Why Sweet Magnolia Doodles?

question we have been asked many times...why a sweet magnolia doodle puppy? I always respond with this answer, "It is not my goal to sell you just a puppy, but rather myself, my knowledge, and how I raise my puppies that's makes all the difference." Below you will find a few key highlights on what makes us different. You can click each picture to take you to a more expanded explanation.


There is nothing I love more than raising puppies for their new family and preparing them for their bright future ahead. While my program may seem newer,  Sweet Magnolia Doodles was established in 2019, I have years of prior dog and animal experience before starting SMD. Visit the "Meet the Breeder" page to learn more about the heart behind it all!


All of our puppies are raised in a loving, family environment. We have a family with three small kids that spend time with each and every puppy. Our puppies are hand raised to be touch tolerant and we aim to give them the best foundation possible before heading home with you. We have a passion for helping families with young children find the perfect companion!


One thing that sets us apart from the rest...the standards we take in selecting our parent dogs and how we care for them. Our parent dogs undergo health clearances such as hips, elbows, cardiac, eyes, genetic panels, temperament evals, and more. Our parents live in our home and guardian homes as loved members of our family. We guarantee all of our puppies and offer a lifetime of support. 

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