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How to Get a Sweet Magnolia Doodle Puppy

Step 1

Take time to read over our entire website to make sure we're a good fit with what you're looking for in your future puppy. Be sure to visit the 'SMD Difference' page to get an idea of how we do things and what makes Sweet Magnolia Doodles different. Become familiar with the types of curriculum we use as well.

Step 2

If after reading over our website, looking at the 'Why Sweet Magnolia' and 'Pricing Page', you feel you'd love to add one of our pups to your family head over to the 'Application' page to fill out an Application and submit for review. From time to time we close our applications when our list is full. In case of apps being closed we now have an Interest List you can join to receive a text or email when our applications open up again. 

Step 3

Once you have submitted your Application now it's time to wait. Once we receive the application we need time to process it, usually 3 business days, then we will send an email and text out with the status of your application. We also schedule a time for a phone consultation to talk over the phone so we get an overall idea of what you're looking for, details that simply are best to be discussed over the phone. Filling out an application does not guarantee approval for a puppy, we reserve the right to deny applications if we feel we are not the right fit for you. If you fill out the interest list we will reach out once we have opened our applications again. 

Step 4

Yay! You've received approval on your Application, what's next? Head over to the Reservation List page to fill out a Reservation List Agreement to officially join our Wait list and submit your Non-Refundable payment. We accept Venmo, Zelle, Cash, or Check. The order of which we receive your payment determines the order you are on the Master Wait List and what order you get to select your puppy. The $500 reservation list fee also goes towards the final price of your puppy. We will maintain a "Mini" master waitlist and a "Medium/Standard" master waitlist to help separate the sizes. This will be discussed when we chat over the phone.

Step 5

Ahhh...Here comes the hardest part..The wait! Once you're all approved and have joined our waitlist all you need to do is wait. This wait time may vary based on numerous factors that are out of our control such as heats, litter size, genders, and colors. We stay in continual communication with our families on the wait list with updated times of heats, confirmed breedings, confirmed pregnancy etc. Just like you, each family on the wait list have particular needs and desires in what they're looking for in a future puppy, therefore the Wait List is subject to change as a family in front of you may pass to the next litter and bump others ahead on the list. You may also choose to pass on a current litter to wait for the right fit of your request. 

Those who are more flexible in their preference such as color, size, coat, and gender, may bring their puppy home sooner than those that have more specific requests. However, this is absolutely OK to have specific requests, understand you may experience a longer wait.

Click on "Reservation List" and "Applicationto visit each page.  

A dog may be a man's best friend, but a puppy is a child's best friend.
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