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Puppy Curriculum

What's puppy curriculum? Simply put it's like "puppy school". It's the very foundation we implement daily in how we raise our puppies. We follow Empowered Breeder/BAB protocols, some Puppy Culture with AviDog mixed in, and also our own practices of enrichment at Sweet Magnolia Doodles. It's exactly what makes our puppies so unique. Take a look below at just a few of the things we do and also read our thoughts on temperament evaluations. Truly, the proof is in our puppies!

Just a glimpse into what we do with our puppies...

Temperament Evaluations

Part of staying true to raising our puppies on curriculum, honoring our puppies, and our overall beliefs in how our puppies should be raised, is performing temperament evaluations at the appropriate age. We feel selecting a puppy on looks alone can be *potentially* a big mistake! Each dog/puppy has an individual, unique personality that isn't always apparent until after 6 weeks of age. This is another reason curriculum raising is such an important step in watching their strengths, weaknesses, how they interact with the world, and more. We use this time to makes notes of each puppy and include this in our final evaluation scores given at 7 weeks old. We use this as a guide in helping families find the *perfect* match for their lifestyle and needs. We feel confident in these methods we use! We have personally witnessed the success in curriculum raising our puppies, honoring their voice through our evaluations, and have successfully matched numerous doors with their fur-ever families because of this! As we like to say, " The proof is in the puppies!" You'll have to see for yourself just how special they are.  

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