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Meet The Breeder

Hello, I'm Courtney

Hello Friend! I'm Courtney, the Owner and Breeder of Sweet Magnolia Doodles. I would love to take a minute to share a little about me and why I started this journey.

There is so much behind my “why”, but it originated in my childhood.  Since I could walk, I have always had a love for animals. My grandfather bred hunting dogs when my mom was a child, then my mom had a few litters, Labs and Goldens, and there this love began.  I had a Golden Retriever while growing up, then a Goldendoodle after I was married.  Simply put:  I love dogs, and Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles truly are the best!


The seed for my breeding program was planted in 2018 after my mom died.  I began searching for a Golden Retriever to be an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) dog for myself after suffering from the trauma of my mom’s sudden death, but I had such a hard time finding a breeder that met my criteria.  I knew if I was struggling to find everything that checked off the boxes, others had to be struggling as well. I wanted better.  I wanted to be the breeder I never had.  I wanted to provide healthy, well-rounded, high-quality puppies for families, particularly those with small children, while also offering a lifetime of breeder support. I wanted to reach those that had trauma, needed the companionship that only a dog can offer, a child that was withdrawn from the world, or someone that needed "mending". 

My ultimate inspiration comes from my mom though.  She was my best friend, my hero.  Losing her as a young woman and a young mother, changed my life.  As I learned to navigate the pain and the grief of that loss, one thing became clear:  I wanted to make a difference in this world – for myself, for my family and for others.  I needed a sense of purpose.  I found it in following my heart to live my dream and pursue my passion for raising puppies that will, in turn, mend hearts. 


And so, out of great loss, a new beginning and the foundation on which I have built my breeding program was birthed.  Being a breeder is messy and hard work, but it is incredibly rewarding in those moments when I place a puppy in the new owners’ arms on “go home day”.  Hearing my puppy families tell me how much love, joy and healing my puppies have brought into their lives, makes me feel like I’m having a positive impact.  Even though it’s small, it’s my dream and it truly has mended my heart. 


There has been nothing so fulfilling as the journey I have embarked on these last several years. Meeting so many new people and helping you find your dream companion has been life changing. I can't begin to thank the many families that have trusted me in this process and will continue to do so for years to come. Buying your next family member is a special part of your life, you should trust your breeder and feel comfortable working with them. I hope by reading a bit about me you will have complete confidence in your choice of working with Sweet Magnolia Doodles.

All my best, Courtney 

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