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The SMD Difference


One of the first steps Sweet Magnolia Doodles takes to ensure happy, healthy puppies is by selecting happy, healthy parent dogs. We do this by health testing with OFA, Pennhip, evaluating temperaments, selecting the best studs available to us, feeding premium nutrition, and raising parents in our home or our wonderful guardian families. 

Whelping & Care

Our mom dogs are given the utmost care in all areas of their lives. They receive top notch regular grooming, premium nutrition such as Open Farm and Nutrisource, regular vet care at one of the most premier animal clinics around, Animal Clinic Northview and their team of reproduction specialists. They are members of the family first and foremost. During whelping we give them whatever they need, whether that means they have us by their side the entire duration of delivery, need some space, need more assistance, would require a c section, or whatever is deemed most important for their overall health. They are given their own private space with comfy bedding, dim lights, and this ensures they feel safe bringing those sweet puppies into this world. It doesn't stop once the pups are born, they receive meals in the whelping box, daily tail and belly baths to ensure cleanliness, premium vitamins, daily temperature and mastitis checks, and an overall relaxing environment.



Planning, planning, planning... it never seems to end. We plan for months, even years in advance for upcoming parents, breedings, litters, and more. Each puppy produced at Sweet Magnolia Doodles is carefully planned for and raised intentionally. We do not breed our dogs simply to just have litters, but rather to fill our waitlists of families that have been patiently waiting for often, months

Family Raised

We feel this is THE difference. This is something we take great pride in. Raising a puppy in a family environment is what we  feel makes our puppies worth the wait. My goal is to send our puppies home being exposed to a house, family, kids, dogs, cats, car rides, vacuum sounds, different floor textures, sounds from the television, and really what any average home would encounter. We have a goal to raise "family dogs" and we are doing just that. We have a family with three small children that love and handle these puppies from a few weeks old on. We do this in a safe manor and our children are taught from a young age how to properly handle puppies. We throughly enjoy working with families with children of their own. We know how important it is finding a companion that has been raised with these methods and would integrate well into this type of home. As a family we take so much joy in raising pups for you and your family, we hope it shows.


We feel one of the key differences at Sweet Magnolia Doodles is communication. From the time you submit an application, too when mom go into heat, when pregnancy is confirmed, once a litter arrives, when puppies go home, and for years to come you are apart of the "SMD Family". We hope to keep you updated every step of the way. We offer lifetime breeder support just an email or text away.


All of our puppies are raised on advanced curriculum. This includes ENS (early neurological stimulation) and ESI (early scent introduction) which starts at day three. We follow BAB (Badass Breeder/Empowered Breeder) Protocols which does the following; aligns with development, empowers, not enables, focused on luring with voice and hands, worked in a variety of situations and environments,  tactile surfaces, problem solving, completing challenges, building nerve strength & confidence, and touch tolerance. This varies each week and as the puppies grow the level of "difficulty" advances. We also dabble with some Puppy Culture and Avidog methods. We feel it's best to raise our puppies with an open mind using the best methods available to us. Puppies learn so much in the eight weeks we have them, therefore we do the best to give them a solid foundation for you to start off with when bringing your newest addition home.

Next Steps

Like what you see? If you would like to add a Sweet Magnolia Doodle to your family visit the " Let's Get A Pup" page.

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