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Hello! We're Jon & Courtney, and this is our small family. We live in a cozy little town just outside of the Cleveland, Ohio area. We both grew up with a love for animals! Jon grew up on a farm with horses and his two beloved dogs, Candy and JC. Candy is where he learned his love for Goldens. Candy lived a long life and I, Courtney, was able to meet her and spent those last few years enjoying her company. 


I grew up in the suburbs, always having a love for ALL animals. My first ever dog, Daisy a black lab, I received when I was just three years old. We had a litter of labs growing up and I was in heaven. A few years later we purchased our first Golden and I knew right then I would always own one. I also had plenty of other animals like horses, sheep, and more, but you can learn a bit more about me on the "Meet the Breeder" page.

Once we were married we purchased our first dog together, a Saint Bernard named Duke. He's a one of a kind dog that is just my heart dog. We completed CGC (canine good citizen) together and TDI (therapy dog institute) with great success. In 2013 we purchased our first Goldendoodle, Marlee. She was the absolute sweetest girl, loved fetch, kids, and treats! Marlee was the one that made us fall in love with this breed/cross. However, Marlee was purchased before we knew better on what to look for when buying a puppy and had some health issues, she made me want to better this breed. She sadly passed away in the summer of 2020 and is missed dearly. 


Our program started after great loss. Something Jon and I are both, unfortunately, too familiar with is the death of a parent. Jon lost his mom at the young age of 12. I lost my mom, Sherri, in 2018 very suddenly. We began our search for a golden immediately following this life changing time for me. I was shocked by the lack of what I found, in what I had hoped and envisioned in how I wanted my future puppy raised in local communities.


Don't get me wrong I found various sorts of breeders that had lovely dogs, or were very kind, or raised puppies well...but what I felt lacked was the passion with personal connection. I became determined to be and do just that. I want my puppy families to feel, apart of a family. Where you're safe to ask questions, receive updates, watch puppies grow up, see mom dogs, receive guidance, develop a sense of community with other puppy families and more. Buying a puppy is an investment for yourself and your family, it's important to choose wisely. I dreamed of being a breeder families could feel comfortable texting well after their puppies went home, happy to share updates, show off their puppy, and to be apart of something more than just "buying a dog". Don't get me wrong there are families that prefer not to do this and they are just looking for a well bred, healthy puppy and that's all. This is OK too...I just want to be here for those that want so much more than that.

So in short that is how Sweet Magnolia came to be and it's been an ever-growing journey since. We named it after our sweet daughter, Magnolia in case you didn't know! Some days it feels like it's all just a dream, many days it's really hard work where I am ready to wave the white flag, but oh the days when I place the sweetest puppy in someone else's arms...IT'S ALL WORTH IT!

Mending Hearts & Making Memories
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