Waitlist & Reservation

Reserve your very own Sweet Magnolia Puppy! After submitting your application, we will schedule a phone interview, then once you receive approval you can join the wait list by signing the Reservation Wait List Agreement and submitting your $500 fee. We accept Venmo (Sweet Magnolia Doodles), Zelle, Cash, and Check. You are added to the wait list based on when we receive your fee. DATE LISTED BELOW IS DATE RESERVATION FEE IS OFFICIALLY RECEIVED, NOT THE APP!


Mini Master List

The Murphy Family 2/21(1st) (Abbie/Forest)

The McElhaney Family 4/20 (Abbie/Forest)

The Rush Family 7/13 (Abbie/Forest)

The Genn Family 8/27 (Abbie/Forest)

The Scollon Family 9/16 (Abbie/Forest) 

The Carrabine Family 9/20 (Abbie/Forest)


Undecided/Backup List

The Keegan Family 4/19 (medium/F1)HOLD

The Rakow Family 4/19(HOLD)

The Payne Family 6/7 Golden Retriever 

The Mysore Family 8/27 (Ember/Forest)


The Burk Family 10/31 Golden Retriever


Medium/Standard Waitlist

The Richard Family

Breeder (Chava/Archer)

Breeder (Chava/Archer)

The Kalashika Family 1/29 (Ember/Forest)

The Bowman Family 3/10 (Ember/Forest)

The Neilsen Family 5/2 (Ember/Forest)

The Christman Family 7/9 (Chava/Archer)

The Thall Family 7/7 (Ember/Forest)

The Barnes Family 7/21 (Ember/Forest)

The Taylor Family 8/28 (Chava/Archer)

The Stephan Family 8/31 (Ember/Forest)

The Lawson Family 9/15 (Chava/Archer)