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Investment & Information

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Pricing varies based on sizing. This info can be found on their planned litter page. For quick reference 35 pounds and up is $3000, 30 pounds and below is $3500



Australian Bernedoodle (and Australian Goldendoodles) and Bernedoodle puppies are priced all the same.

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Golden Retrievers


Golden Retriever puppies are priced all the same.

A fairly common question I receive...why are your puppies priced that way?

Well, in short answer they're truly worth it. Not to sound silly, but raising puppies the responsible, ethical way is NO EASY task. We do this because we LOVE the breeds and want to make a difference in others lives through our puppies.


In order to do what I do, it has to be worth it for myself to miss out on life events, family parties, vacations, holidays, and more while raising these sweet souls. The cost of premium nutrition, specialty repro vets, health testing, regular grooming, routine maintenance, curriculum, puppy food, go home bags, and more.


This doesn't even cover unexpected costs or purchasing new mamas and papas. So, simply put, we feel this is truly an investment that is worth above and beyond what we charge. We are incredibly grateful for those that choose to "invest" into their newest family member by welcoming a Sweet Magnolia Doodles puppy into their life.

What's Included In The Price Of Your


_Puppy is started on ENS and ESI beginning on day three through fourteen.

-Puppy is raised following the Advanced Badass

Breeder Curriculum. Some Puppy Culture methods mixed in as well.

-Started on potty training at four weeks old.

-Wormed thoroughly and clear fecal exam.

-Examined and vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian.

-Microchipped with free registration

-Two year hip, elbow, and health guarantee  READ HERE

-Private invitation to a Facebook group for our Sweet Magnolia Doodle Family. 

-Private album for each litter, with videos and pictures. 

-Evaluated with the Badass Breeder Puppy Evaluation. 

Video of evaluation and scorecard with detailed explanations. 

-30 days of free Trupanion Insurance

-Baxter and Bella Discount Code -Sweetmagnolia

-Custom Sweet Magnolia Go Home package with the food we're feeding, blanket with scent of mom and littermates, snuggle puppy, travel bowl, benebone, variety of treats, bully stick, lick mat, pin comb for early grooming practices, toys, custom bandana, pee pads, and a water bottle for traveling, health records, print out with tips of what we recommend for our puppies when taking them home, and more.

Lifetime Breeder Support

Go Home Day!

Can you believe the time has come to pick up your Sweet Magnolia Doodle? It happens oh so quickly. It is approximately four months after mom is bred that puppies are ready to be picked up, so plan accordingly. Balance of puppy is to be paid by six weeks of age if paying electronically such as Venmo or Zelle. CASH ONLY on go home day.


Here's a few things you can expect.

-We typically hold "Go-Home" days on the weekends at our home.

-You will have a forty-minute time slot to "select" your puppy. 

-Arrangements for how puppy will go home, if leaving the state, will be made by six weeks.

-Payments for puppies leaving the state or paid electronically must be made by six weeks of age.

-We are happy to fly your puppy directly to you via our 'Flight Nanny' service. More info can be found on that page.

-We can transport via car within 150 miles for $1.50 per mile one way.

-We have a three day "grace" period for picking up with no charge. On the third day we charge boarding at $40/day. We also have started puppy options available on a limited basis.

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