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Getting a Started Puppy!

So, you may have interest in getting a "Started Puppy"... we're here to help. We plan to offer varying packages best suited for every need and individual family. 


Below you'll find a little more info about the trainer we're working with.


Alyxandra McKenna
Owner of Align K9 Training, LLC

Hi, my name is Alyxandra McKenna and I am the owner and head trainer of Align K9 Training, LLC.  My experience working with dogs started with my family and I fostering for a local rescue.  Through fostering I was able to see the benefits that a good training program had on the well-being of the dogs as well as the relationship between the dogs and their fosters.  These experiences also showed me how breed and genetics impact a dog’s temperament and personality, and how vital it was that prospective owners understood the needs of the dog they were adopting, and more specifically what the dog needs from them as the owner to be healthy and fulfilled.  

Wanting to make a greater difference, I decided to further my understanding of dog behavior and how to best create balanced relationships between a dog and its owner by completing a training certification program.  This has allowed me to work with dogs and their owners to improve their relationship, help create clear communication, and have a happy and balanced life.


Now I have the opportunity to work with Sweet Magnolia Doodles and I could not be more excited.  They are a high-quality breeder that focuses on doing things the right way, and it was clear from the start that our values are closely aligned.  Working together with the foundation of good genetics and training programs started from an early age, along with temperament testing and a focus on matching the right dog to the right owner, we can set families and their dogs up for a happy and long-lasting relationship.

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